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HI Tech Air Conditionong Service, Inc.
HI Tech Air Conditionong Service, Inc.

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The Problem
Many HVAC service companies focus only on service and repairs on a case-by-case basis or "as it happens let's fix it" when it breaks basis.  Most of the time these repairs only fix the problem only until the next component fails or worse the entire piece of equipment needs to be replaced.  This is a common procedure many companies utilize and it is a growing trend called "replacement" strategy.  As a matter of fact, there are entire corporations out there specializing in training other corporations in this process of simply replacing the entire piece of equipment instead of maximizing the life of the unit by simply keeping it maintained the way it is supposed to be by a proper maintenance regimen which usually consists of a filter that costs $1.50.

The Solution
The mission of HI TECH Air Conditioning Service, Inc. is to avoid these problems by concentrating on maintaining the equipment and servicing it by maximizing the life and efficiency of the equipment by preventive maintenance.
Preventive maintenance is usually a custom tailored service program recommended by every manufacturer that builds their respective piece of  equipment and is included with every warranty and registration.
Whether it is a small bathroom exhaust fan or a 200-ton chiller, every piece of equipment needs to be maintained properly and that is what HI TECH Air Conditioning Services, Inc. has been doing for over 20 years.


HI TECH Air Conditioning Services, Inc. implements with every maintenance program the highest standards of excellence by training the service technicians with training programs begun form the start of their careers at the Union Hall, throughout the life of the technician with factory training by authorized representatives to in-house training programs run by the Service Manager or Engineering Staff.
HI TECH Air Conditioning Service, Inc. has been and always will be dedicated to servicing our clients with dedication and excellence that has been tried and tested for over 20 years.